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3 reviews for MELANOTAN 2 – 10MG

  1. dinkytop (verified owner)

    Right Upfront – THIS FRIGGIN WORKS. I have always lived in places where the sun is very available, but barely showed it. One summer I worked on a tan, the lotions, laying in the sun and using a sunbed as a supplement. The best I ever got was a brown glow. But this peptide is worth its weight in platinum. I read other reviews and BS articles about it doesn’t work, don’t waste your money, blah blah. So, yes I had very low expectations, but I used exactly as recommended. I am 240#, so I used 2IUs per day for 10 days then stopped. I thought I wasted my money at first, then it hit quickly. I was spending about one to two days in the sun at the beach, and I went DARK brown suddenly. Everyone who sees me immediately comments very nicely on it. Then I stopped and went to a 2IUs every 5-days and it stays. It will NOT work without sun or tanning bed, it is natural melon that has to be stimulated to tan. The sex stuff, the day after absolute yes, but it wears off quickly. I did injections.

  2. Barbie Whitt (verified owner)

    Amazing results! Everyone asks what island i just came back from
    Repeat buyer, have my friends hooked as well
    Such a great product!

  3. Aaron Scott (verified owner)

    Was a little hesitent to order considering it was my first peptide order, and the limited information about the website. Shipping was much faster than anticipated (4-days). Impressed with the quality of the product as well, had no issue with the reconstitution, powder pure quality as it states. Overall impressed, will be making another order. Thanks for making my first experience as lease stressful as possible.

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